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With more than 37 years of experience in international business and foreign language education, Access International is the most trusted name in Michigan for foreign language translating and interpreting. Among our many clients are the most prominent professionals, businesses, and government agencies of the Ann Arbor and Greater Detroit community. Access International has provided quality translations and interpreting services for immigration attorneys, the State of Michigan, Washtenaw County, and national survey organizations for almost four decades. Note that Access International Language Institute and Access International Business Institute are separate entities.

The following routine translations are accepted by every government agency, local, state, and federal, in the Midwestern United States:

  • Driver's Licenses
  • Bank statements
  • Civil Register documents (birth and marriage certificates, affidavit of support, divorce decrees, court orders, etc.)
  • Personal Correspondence
  • Records


Access International is a State of Michigan Recognized Translation Agency

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